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    I can't stop thinking about taking great pictures.

    Way back in high school, I learned the basics of photography on a Praktica, an old East German film camera. The camera, now lost to history, was completely manual. The built-in light meter was solar-powered, and did not even use a battery.

    But the basics of photography have not changed, even in the digital age. And I still love taking pictures, designing flattering lighting, and capturing the decisive moment. I love making my subjects look great.

    I provide the following photographic services:


    Head shots
    Studio shots
    Location shots
    Model portfolios
    Comp cards
    Band promos
    Fine Art Nude
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    Live music
    Fashion shows
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    And more

    Night scenes
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    Photo shoot pricing:
    Choose one of two different kinds of photo shoots:

    Standard: Sign a model release. This lets me share your images with others, or use your images in my portfolio.
    Private: Don't sign a model release. I will never share your images with anyone, either in print or on the web.

    Photo shoots can be in my studio or on location, and may take between two and four hours to finish. If desired, I can burn you a disc of low resolution images from the shoot so you can take a look at them right a way. I will work with you to pick our your favorites, and apply any processing that is necessary. (This takes a day or two.) In the end, I will provide a disc with full sized images of every shot, plus our favorites, both full sized and resized for the web.

    Type of photo shoot
    Standard $200.00
    Private $800.00

    Use this PayPal button for a standard or private photo shoot for your own use, like on Facebook, or for your own prints. For commercial images, contact me directly with an offer, and we can negotiate a contract, including rights, usage, etc.
    Ask me about making prints from your standard or private shoots.
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